Valley Center App (Valley Roadrunner)

The Valley Roadrunner is the news and media outlet for Valley Center, Pauma Valley, Pala, Palomar Mountain and North Escondido. Due to the current health situation, the newspaper rushed to build a local app for residents and its readers. The app went live Monday, March 23.

The app will have available articles posted to their website and emergency alerts. 

The following agencies have access to send push alerts to this app.  This can be used in case of general community alerts, emergencies, evacuations, etc. 

  • Valley Center-Pauma Unified School District
  • Valley Center Fire Protection District 
  • San Diego County Sheriff 
  • Valley Center Municipal Water District 



Every Second Counts…

The Valley Center Fire Protection District is here for you in any emergency. Your help can make a difference!

Keeping yourself informed

By Jim Davidson, Fire Marshal
Valley Center Fire Protection District
760-751-7600.    28234 Lilac Road, VC

We here at your Fire District often hear from people who want to know “what’s going on”. I’d like to take some time to talk about the various tools available on your smartphone to keep you informed. There is a wealth of information available in real time at your fingertips, if you have a smartphone, or even just a computer and an Internet connection. When something ‘big’ happens, or even something ‘small’, and you are curious, here are some ways to find out what’s happening. All of these apps are available in the iPhone App Store or the Android Play Store.

First of all, my favorite app! PulsePoint is an app that is directly connected to our Fire Dispatch Center. It really has two main functions, one that can actually direct people to save lives, and the other to keep everyone informed. On the information side, PulsePoint can notify you instantly of what your Fire District is doing at any given time. Every call that we get shows up on your PulsePoint screen in real time. Time of the call, location, units responding, pretty much everything. There is even the capability, in an emergency, for us at the Fire Department to send a notification message to everyone who has the app. You can use this app to answer the question: “What’s happening right this second in Valley Center?” Be sure to select VCFPD from the agency list when you install the app. You can also add other agencies, if you’d like.

The other capability that PulsePoint has is very exciting from a lifesaving point of view. If you have the app, and you have registered as having CPR training, PulsePoint will notify you specifically if there is a medical call near you that possibly needs CPR. Wow! The app will tell you exactly where the patient is and where the nearest lifesaving Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is. There is no obligation to respond, but the chance to possibly help save a life could be amazing!


Next on the list, SDG&E. As all of us out in the backcountry are surely aware, SDG&E sometimes shuts down the power grid during high fire danger events. And sometimes there are shutdowns beyond their control. If you want to keep informed of all of these, grab the SDG&E app!

This app will let you see directly what is happening with SDG&E in the entire county, and will keep you updated on their estimates of when power will be restored.


The County of San Diego has an emergency notification app called SDEmergency. This app is a gold-mine of useful information in the event of a major emergency in the County. It also has a lot of useful information on preparing for emergencies and recovery resources.