Valley Center residents, patrons and visitors:

The Valley Center Fire Protection District, “Your Department of the Quality of Life” for Valley Center, would like you to know that we are in our Fire Stations, healthy and ready to serve the needs or our community. In order to keep our workforce healthy, we have taken the following measures to assure we can respond in force to any emergency that may occur.
1. We are taking and returning plan checks and fire protection plans by appointment only.
2. Any questions related to land development or a fire safety inspection need to be phoned into our main office: 760-751-7600.
3. Our Fire Inspectors have suspended all Defensible Space Inspections until further notice.
4. Our Engine Companies have suspended all business inspections until further notice.
5. We are working in concert with all of our allied and support agencies to assure good continuity of government and we are communicating to assure we can support each other through this crisis.
6. We love your cookies and brownies, but please wait until this is over to deliver treats to the Fire Stations. They cannot be accepted.
7. We have suspended Station Visits, Ride-A-Longs and Demonstrations until further notice.
8. We are asking you to please NOT drive to the Fire Stations for a wellness check or blood pressure check. Call you family doctor or clinic for an appointment or a COVID-19 test if you think you have been exposed.
9. Take care of each other. If you have an elderly neighbor, call them. If they need groceries or assistance, Call: 2-1-1.
2-1-1 can provide a list of resources to assist our most vulnerable. If this resource service is delayed, we may activate our CERT Team to assist with this task.
10. And Finally, if you have a Fire, Law Enforcement or Medical Emergency, call 9-1-1 and we will assure you get the same great care you always have received from your Valley Center Public Safety Team.
Valley Center is an amazing place to live, work and play. We are Country Strong from the Family Core Values we embrace to make our town a special place. We will get through this and be better for the experience of taking care of a neighbor or friend in need and staying connected to those who are isolated from the outside world.

All of my best to you and your families,

Joe Napier, Fire Chief
Valley Center Fire Protection District