To all my fellow residents of Valley Center and Pauma Valley:

All of us have been impacted by the Covid-19 virus by social distancing and a declared state of emergency.  Most of us are home and restricted to only essential activities. This reminded me of the fires of 2003 and 2007 when we had restricted movement and all of the children home from school.  Many of the us jumped into action at that time to take care of those most affected in that crisis. This is a call to action for our great community again.

Because of what we learned then, we have gathered the local resources to help everyone locate those things that are necessary like groceries, medicine, and emergency food. This new site should help you locate who is open, what services are available and how they are working to keep us all safe. There will be information on where to locate emergency help through local service clubs and churches. Simple things like who is offering take-out and how to order.  It will also show who is delivering supplies of various types.

This may continue to get more serious.  Anyone who would like to help, we will be trying to develop new programs like “wellness calls” to home bound seniors or deliveries of needed supplies to them. If you’re interested, please send your contact information to
Although we are just handling resources right now, we already have the local Rotary Club ready to run projects like the one listed above.

Stay strong Valley Center,
Faith Much, President
Valley Center Business Association