Valley Center Library

For your safety and the safety of Library employees, all SDCL libraries are temporarily closed.
Due dates will be extended until we reopen. No returns will be accepted. Curbside service is no longer available.
The extended due date (as of now) is currently unknown.


Hold onto library books

San Diego County Libraries, including the Valley Center Library, are closed and there will be no curbside service as had been previously reported. In a recent County coronavirus briefing Supervisor Greg Cox advised library patrons who have books out to hang onto them until the libraries reopen. The idea is to not overflow the collection boxes. Hold onto the books and when you return them, even if they are late, there will be no fines.

Valley Center History Museum

Due to the current health crisis, the Museum will be CLOSED until further notice. If you are conducting research or need an answer to a question, staff is available to respond. Please send an e-mail to or call (760) 749-2993. Calls are monitored on a regular basis.

Article on closure:

Museum alters hours, historic tour cancelled